@Becca_Bateson 2.0

How Twitter has turned from nonsense to networking.

When I joined Twitter in 2012 at first I wasn’t a fan but as my social group and myself made the transition from Facebook to Twitter I was soon overcome with excitement of possibilities it held.

And by possibilities I mean the opportunity to stalk celebs, stalk my friends but most importantly for me; post hilarious tweets to an audience of 80 followers. 5 retweets would have been an extreme accomplishment(it still is if I’m honest).

Looking back through ‘time hop’ I realize now that Twitter was maybe not the place for me posting pictures of cute cats or bombarding One Direction with requests for replying to my tweets. Oh how we live and learn.

This year has been a year of growth for myself and Twitter, I have uncovered the vast amount of business opportunities right from my smart phone.

Now I use Twitter to interact with those in the industry. I can use tools to create specific lists, I can use hash tags like #prstudent to connect with similar people and can self promote my blog to my now increased network of 300 followers. (Ok I’m still climbing the PR/Twitter ladder here)

So now my Twitter has to be more of a professional reflection rather than a collection of funny cat vines. *sigh* growing up isn’t quite how I pictured it…

who throz cheese

And here concludes my post with my first ever picture I uploaded… you guessed it.


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